Breakthrough Results:

Companies that are Happier report*

2 X PROFIT          3 X more CREATIVITY         18% higher PERFORMANCE         + HAPPINESS

* Source: Kenexa research 2008;  Australian Govt- Commcare;  Gallup

Happy Boosters is a consortium of learning experts, positive psychologists, design thinkers, tech gurus and artists. We blend these disciplines to create unique learning solutions, which build the skills of working in complexity, agility and resilience. This helps organisations adapt to change quickly, stay competitive, improve business performance and increase employee engagement.

Our focus is to cultivate a positive work environment through memorable off-sites, interactive installations, gaming simulations, workshops and consulting.



Using the latest tech in VR, mobile apps & games
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Creating curiosity and a mindset to learn
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Building for resilience and navigating in complexity
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Positive Psychology

Science based happiness solutions
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