Camp Fire Chats

The Activation

Happy Boosters Camp Fire Chats, uses the concept of a camp fire to create a welcoming and comfortable space. Camp fires have long been a place for people to gather, chat and share stories.

We worked with prop designers to create a life size fire where participants could congregate and connect with one another.

The fire may not have been real (though the marshmallows were), but participants were still transported to a setting of safety, warmth and comfort (just like a real camp fire!).


Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Camp Fire Chats was run during O’Week at ACU where new students from varied faculties participated in the experience. Students were given a conversation starter to find two things they have in common”, and this encouraged student connection and for some, the beginning of new friendships.


“Working with Happy Boosters has been a fantastic and seamless experience. Antoinette and her team are always on top of communication and coming up with fantastic ideas for any event or program. The staff are professional and engaging and have really made a different to our student events. I would highly recommend the Happy Boosters team for your next event.“

Eliza Pollard – Student Enrichment Officer
Australian Catholic University (ACU)

“I really enjoyed meeting new people and I even made a friend”

Michael, Student
Australian Catholic University

“It was so much fun to meet new mates! I came to do it two days in row”

Ann, Student
Australian Catholic University


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