Emotional reaction through Interaction

Happy Boosters imagine and create one-of-a-kind science based happiness activations.

A happiness activation is an immersive experience that is far from traditional! It stimulates our senses, draws us in and transports us to a happy place…. it invites participation and evokes a positive emotional response.

Committed to pushing the boundaries we design new experiences to get people connecting, learning and engaging.

Our main differentiator is that our activations are based on science- the science of happiness!

By blending art, technology, learning and psychology, we bring different dimensions to our activations. Each of these disciplines brings a unique and valuable contribution and gets people out of their comfort zone. It is in this safe level of discomfort that real breakthroughs happen, especially when it comes to happiness!

We have a range of tried and tested happiness activations on offer. We also understand that each client is unique, so we happy to customise or adapt to meet your needs.

Our clients are ready to step out of the norm and try something different- so if this is you, we’d love to hear from you.

Contact us at crew@happyboosters.com about bringing a memorable activation to you.