Reach Out Zone

The Experience

Happy Boosters built an interactive experience called the ‘Reach Out Zone. The experience was designed with the positive psychology principle in mind that having strong relationships enhances our well-being.

The experience, which is a play on the popular ‘selfie’ concept, encourages participants to write and send personalised messages of encouragement and support to one another during times of stress.


Australian Catholic University (ACU)

Happy Boosters ran the Reach Out Zone for ACU ‘Stamp Out Stress Day’ event.


Chisholm Institute

Happy Boosters ran the Reach Out Zone for Chisholm Institute Check-in week.


Happiness & Its Causes Conference

Happy Boosters ran the Reach Out Zone at the Happiness & Its Causes Conference in Sydney


James Cook University (JCU)

Happy Boosters ran the Reach Out Zone for JCU at the Australasian Mental health & Higher Education Conference




“Seeing the engagement of students that the Happy Boosters ‘Reach Out Zone’ achieved, I am extremely thankful to Happy Boosters for not only coming up with such a inspired idea, but also allowing the students to share this fulfilling and enriching experience with each other. Antoinette and Olivia planned an activity which reinforced the wellbeing and awareness aims of Stamp Out Stress day, which is one of the largest student event held on campus, and were professional and organized in delivery of the activity. The creativity expressed brought smiles to many students’ faces and was a highlight for the event. I would recommend Happy Boosters to other schools and educational institutions.”

Stephanie Ting
Student Enrichment Advisor
Australian Catholic University

“Happy Boosters provided Chisholm students with amazing interactive hands on experiences that tied into our Orientation and Check In Week Programs. Antoinette and Olivia engaged with our students across all campuses and were a big hit at all or events. Many of our students are from CALD backgrounds or are new migrants, the Happy Boosters team made their activities accessible and friendly to people of all works of life and made our event space safe and positive. If you are looking to engage your customers, students or clients you should get in touch and see what experience they can provide for you. Thank you so much guys, look forward to working with you again soon!”

Corey Pais
Student Events Officer
Chisholm Institute

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