Meet the Leadership Team

Olivia Petrovska

Olivia is the co-founder of Happy Boosters. Olivia’s passion is simply to make people happy. Her belief is the more happier we can become, the more we can inspire others to lead happier lives and ultimately make the world a more positive place to be in.

She has held senior positions in both the private and public sector. Olivia blends her unique background in Business, Psychology and the Arts to assist organisations in creating powerful customer centric experiences.


Antoinette Ciavarella

Antoinette is the co-founder of Happy Boosters. She has over 20 years experience in working with corporations both nationally and overseas, where she has held senior positions. Antoinette is an experienced leader, consultant, engaging facilitator and an award winning solutions designer.

She has deep experience in developing successful initiatives that focus on transformational change, customer centricity and wellbeing. Antoinette is recognised as a leading thinker in developing creative solutions for complex and ambiguous environments; that have true business impact.