The Express Hub

The Experience

The Express Hub uses life size conversation bubbles to create a physical environment for participants to interact with. The experience provokes curiosity and can be used to bring about an ‘Ah ha moment’ (mindset shift) or encourage peer to peer learning.

How it Works: Scenarios on a particular topic are written on the bubbles. Participants interact with the bubbles by reading and then providing feedback on the scenarios. Other participants have the opportunity to read and reflect on this feedback.

Australian Catholic University (ACU)

The Express Hub was an engaging experience for students at ACU’s Stamp Out Stress event. In collaboration with ACU, common stressful scenario’s faced by uni students were identified and written on the blackboards. Students then interacted with these by sharing advice and taking in the advice from others too.

No More Harm Conference

The Express Hub evoked much thought and opened up an honest dialogue at the No More Harm Conference. Here participants explored different perspectives relating to workplace bullying through their interactions with this installation.


“Such a great way to get tips on how to better deal with stress”

Australian Catholic University

“It was interesting and confronting to put myself in the shoes of the bully. Thank-you for the opportunity to look at this complex issue from all perspectives”

Conference attendee
No More Harm Conference




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