At Happy Boosters we create new ways to learn, by blending positive psychology, technology and art. Scream It Out, is an example of one of our unique solutions,  and was launched at Queen Victoria Night Market in Melbourne in February 2017.

The Backstory

We were having one of those super busy work days, you know the ones that consist of meeting after meeting, major deadlines, stakeholder demands and some laptop issues – Ahhh the frustration! Our minds were racing, the stress was building and we really wanted to…..well….. SCREAM!

So we walked outside and then paused – what if we did scream, would our work neighbours think we were nuts!? Which posed another question, how socially acceptable is it to scream, and would it really make us feel better if we did?

It was in this moment, that the idea for Scream It Out was born.

Scream It Out is a playful experiment created by us at Happy Boosters.It explores the relationship between releasing emotion and happiness, and aims to create a safe and fun space for people to scream. The scream could be the release of any kind of emotion, frustration like we had experienced, or perhaps even joy or sadness, whatever is inside.

Scream It Out started as a concept drawing and then we talked to lots of experts, from app developers- to help bring the concept to life through technology, to artists- to help us inject some fun and creativity into our event and of course tradies- to build a space where people could scream in safety and privacy.

In thinking about the use of technology in our app design, we really wanted to visually explore what it meant to hold in emotion and then release it. So we used the metaphor of ‘distortion’ before the release and obtaining ‘clarity’ after. So our app shows the phases of release via live video stream; which initially distorts the participants image as they enter the booth, and during and after they scream their live video image changes and becomes crystal clear.

We specifically chose the Night Market as the location of our experiment, as it’s a bustling place with lots of diverse people, many of which attend right after school pick-ups, uni or work.

We really hope that our experiment gives people a chance to release and ultimately come out feeling better than they did before.