Unscramble it

The Activation

‘Unscramble It’ is an over sized game board (Size approx 1.5M X 1.5M) with giant alphabet tiles. The aim of ‘Unscramble It’ is to get participants thinking and sharing their ideas about a specific topic.

The magnetic board was custom designed and built and was also hand painted by an artist. This activation uses gaming principles to engage participants in a fun way!


Happy Boosters ran “Unscramble It” at the Allianz Mental Health Seminar. The seminar was attended by approximately 250 business clients of Allianz.

The aim of the experience was to raise and educate about mental health in a fun way. Participants had 2 mins to think of words & place them on the board by answering the question “What makes me happy?”


Chisholm Institute

Happy Boosters ran “Unscramble It” at Chisholm Institute to celebrate Harmony day. Participants had 2 mins to place words on the board that described their cultural heritage.




We recently engaged Happy Boosters to assist us with our Mental Health Seminar at Crown Palladium.  Antoinette and Olivia were great to deal with throughout the entire planning process and really understood the brief provided to them.  The final product resulted in a fun, interactive and unique experience for our clients on the day.

Pam Dowell
Business Development Support – Allianz Australia

“Happy Boosters provided Chisholm students with amazing interactive hands on experiences that tied into our Orientation and Check In Week Programs. Antoinette and Olivia engaged with our students across all campuses and were a big hit at all or events. Many of our students are from CALD backgrounds or are new migrants, the Happy Boosters team made their activities accessible and friendly to people of all works of life and made our event space safe and positive. If you are looking to engage your customers, students or clients you should get in touch and see what experience they can provide for you. Thank you so much guys, look forward to working with you again soon!”

Corey Pais
Student Events Officer
Chisholm Institute





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