Happy Boosters runs happiness activations at a variety of conferences.

Each happiness activation fostered connection through attendee participation.

Feedback from conference organisers is that each created a truly memorable experience for their attendees. Attendees said they found the experiences to be fun and engaging and many they were delighted to experience something new and different!

Happiness & It’s Causes Conference

The Happiness & its causes conference is Australia’s largest conference focusing on happiness. Happy Boosters engaged conference attendees through their happiness activations the Express Hub and Reach Out Zone

No More Harm Conference

The No More Harm conference is a national conference which focuses on bullying, harassment and discrimination issues in schools, workplaces and social situations.

Through the activation the Express Hub, Happy Boosters ran a thought provoking interactive experience which explored different perspectives relating to workplace bullying.

Safety in Action Conference

The Safety in Action conference is Australia’s leading OH & S event dedicated to the safety, security and wellbeing of the Australian workforce.

Here Happy Boosters presented the “Science of Happiness”. This unique interactive experience had a specific focus on strategies and techniques for improving workplace well-being.

Sustainable Living Festival

The Sustainable Living festival seeks to inspire and empower everyday Australians to accelerate their uptake of sustainable living, this includes fostering community connection. Happy Boosters facilitated an experiential workshop, Random Acts of kindness that allowed participants to engage in kindness activities focused on self, family and friends, fellow workshop attendees and the broader community.


“I work in higher education and thought this was such an engaging way to talk about a very complex problem. I love it!” 

Mary, attendee – No More Harm Conference

“The presentation on the Science of Happiness was the highlight for me at this year’s Safety In Action Conference in Melbourne”

Debbie, attendee – Safety in Action Conference

“I recently attended Olivia and Antoinette’s Random acts of Kindness workshop as part of an event day.  They brought an atmosphere of friendliness, kindness and compassion to the event which was fun and very warming.  I was able to connect with the simplicity of acts of kindness in life, and their power, both for myself and others.  Afterwards I met them both and they were lovely, encouraging and affirming of my experience in the workshop. Thank you both so much!”

Jonathon,  workshop participant – Sustainable Living Festival

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