The Brief

Happy Boosters does regular speaking events on topics such as innovation, wellbeing, culture and leadership.

Coming soon – Happiness and its causes conference (25 & 26 July 2018)

Happy Boosters is excited to be running several interactive experiences for participants at Australia’s leading well-being conference: Happiness and its causes

What we did – Safety in Action Conference

Happy Boosters presented on the “Science of Happiness”. The presentation had a specific focus on strategies and techniques on improving workplace wellbeing.

What we did – Sustainable Living Festival

Happy Boosters facilitated an experiential workshop, Random Acts of kindness that allowed participants to engage in kindness activities focused on self, family and friends, fellow workshop attendees and the broader community.


“The presentation on the Science of Happiness was the highlight for me at this year’s Safety In Action Conference in Melbourne”

Debbie, attendee – Safety in Action Conference


“I recently attended Olivia and Antoinette’s Random acts of Kindness workshop as part of an event day.  They brought an atmosphere of friendliness, kindness and compassion to the event which was fun and very warming.  I was able to connect with the simplicity of acts of kindness in life, and their power, both for myself and others.  Afterwards I met them both and they were lovely, encouraging and affirming of my experience in the workshop. Thank you both so much!”

Jonathon,  workshop participant – Sustainable Living Festival

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