Our unique methodology gives you a happiness boost!

Our Aspiration and what we do

The Challenge

The Happy Boosters team have collectively worked within large organisations, start ups, government and not for profits.  In working within these organisations, what was painstakingly obvious was how organisations were finding it challenging to thrive in an ambiguous, complex and ever changing environment.

Where once the capabilities of problem solving, business acumen and communication were the “must haves”, large scale technological enhancements, globalisation and higher expectations from customers have created the need for a new approach via what is termed a “growth mindset”.

At Happy Boosters, we build the capabilities of resilience and navigating in complexity, which are the foundations of a growth mindset. This helps organisations adapt to change quickly, stay competitive, improve business performance and increase employee engagement.

The Solution- Our Difference!

Happy Boosters is a consortium of learning experts, positive psychologists, design thinkers, tech gurus and artists.

By blending these disciplines we create unique and memorable learning experiences; that are far from traditional!

Each medium brings a different dimension and by combining them all, we create powerful and memorable experiences that build capability, challenge, excite and get results.

Examples of our solutions include:

  • Immersive team simulations/offsites
  • Mindfulness VR experiences
  • Interactive art installations
  • Employee Opinion Surveys

Find out why organisations like NAB and REA Group have tapped into Happy Boosters unique and effective learning approach to help them continue to be leaders in their space.