“Thanks for your recent Random acts of Kindness workshop.
Although the title may sound like a form of paying forward and a bit out-there, I found this workshop was different to what I expected. It was really practical, and showed how important it is to be kind to yourself, to be grateful for who you already are and grateful for what you already have – all the good things about you and what’s powerful about you. It was so great for self-esteem and self-confidence.
I loved the idea of a gratitude box, not just as some sort of goalless gratitude exercise but as a daily opportunity to bring new energy to that self-esteem and self-confidence. It was another powerful and practical exercise.So was the exercise about thinking of others in the same way.
The workshop was fun with great instruction and plenty of activity. You came over as skilled and confident facilitators, and easily able to take the challenges of the event where the workshop took place in your stride. Great job!”
Vincent, workshop participant

“I recently attended Olivia and Antoinette’s Random acts of Kindness workshop as part of an event day.  They brought an atmosphere of friendliness, kindness and compassion to the event which was fun and very warming.  I was able to connect with the simplicity of acts of kindness in life, and their power, both for myself and others.  Afterwards I met them both and they were lovely, encouraging and affirming of my experience in the workshop. Thank you both so much!”
Jonathon, workshop participant