Community Kindness

Scientific research shows that engaging in Random Acts of Kindness improves your levels of happiness. A leader in this research is Sonja Lyubomirsky, an expert in the field of Positive Psychology, who found that “People who engage in kind acts become happier over time”.

In collaboration with community and charity groups we facilitate unique experiences which provide you with the opportunity to give back and make a difference to the lives of others. Together we can change the world…one kind act at a time!

We have captured some of the rewarding experiences below:

Toy Builders Challenge

Happy Boosters has partnered up with VACCA (Victorian Aboriginal Childcare Agency) which is a non for profit organisation that assists disadvantaged Aboriginal children. The assembled toys are donated to VACCA.

As part of a team building day, Happy Boosters can run the Toy Builders Challenge. It is a fun team activity that encourages team collaboration and connection. Teams work together and compete against one another to assemble quality toys in the fastest time.

It also provides an opportunity to give something meaningful back to your community. The assembled toys are then donated to VACCA.

Homeless Care Packs

Happy Boosters created and ran a facilitated experience for participants to create care packs for the homeless. Examples of items in the care packs included toiletry items, socks, underwear and non perishable food. Participants also wrote cards of encouragement that were included in the packs.

There were over 50 care packs created in the workshop.

The distribution of the care packs was in collaboration with The Original Free Kitchen. This a charity kitchen run by Moustafa Sayegh, which provides free bbqs to the homeless throughout Melbourne on a regular basis.

Participants from the workshop were given the opportunity to attend and help with the free kitchen and assist in the distribution of the care packs in St Kilda. It was a very rewarding experience for all.

“There are earth angels all around us… Last night my children and I had the privilege of encountering a few of them. The first a gentleman by the name of Moustafa who twice a month cooks a sausage sizzle for the homeless in St Kilda … Mostly all funded by himself and feeds close to 200 men and women. The others were Olivia and Antoinette who during the week put together Xmas care packs to give to our homeless at last nights BBQ. Angels don’t just exist in the mystic realm…they are created by the choices people make in helping others and for no other reason but to share compassion and love. Abundant blessings to all earth angels that walk our path disguised as humans.”

Teresa Corso - participant

Giving to the Willows Assisted Care Facility

Happy Boosters created and ran a facilitated workshop for participants to create gift packs for residents of The Willows Assisted Care Facility.

The Willows Assisted Care Facility provides care and long term accommodation for residents of all ages with mental, intellectual or physical disabilities.

As many residents are home bound and have limited funds, creating gift packs was a great way to encourage group activities, collaboration and added a little more fun to their lives. Gift items included games, books and dvds.

Participants were encouraged to bring any of the above pre loved items to the workshop. Gift packs were then created in the workshop by wrapping and decorating the gifts and writing notes of inspiration.  There were 30 gift packs created by participants in the workshop.

The gift packs were distributed at a later date, with a very excited and warm welcome by residents!

“Thanks for the gifts! We all played the games after dinner and had lots of fun! Can’t wait to watch some of the movies.”


Angela - Resident of The Willows Assisted Care Facility

Melbourne Happiness Group

Happy Boosters runs a non profit community group called the Melbourne Happiness group, through the Meet Up platform.

The group has been running for over 4.5 years and has over 3,000 members. Throughout this time, we have run a variety of experiences and workshops focused on Happiness and Kindness.

The group raises money at every event and this is donated to various charities and community groups. Some of the recipients include the Cancer council, Beyond Blue, The Stroke Foundation, Make a Wish, Lentils as Anything, Headspace, Homeless free kitchen and The Willows assisted accommodation, and many more.

To find out more please visit: (Note, you will be redirected to an external website)


Melbourne Happiness Group!

Melbourne, AU
3,657 Happy people

Everyone has the right to be happy.This group is about how we can help each other lead a happier and more fulfilled life. The basis for the group will be on Positive Psycholo…

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